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Screencasting Del.icio.us
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Tags? Organic metatags? Del.ioci.us? Folksonomies? Self-organizing ontologies? Huh?

A month ago, I wasn't in on the secret either. A variety of services (Flickr for photos, Del.icio.us for bookmarks, Technorati for web pages) let you add descriptive tags to things you may want to come back to. This gains power when you follow other people's tags for similar subjects and home in on recommended resources from people who share your interests.

InfoWorld's Jon Udell, a power user extraordinaire, explains Del.icio.us in this five-minute screencast.

Experience has taught me that screencasting is not as easy as Jon makes it look. Nonetheless, it's a wonderful, no-middle-man method of creating compelling content on the cheap. If you're involved with software -- as a user, trainer, vendor, or designer -- you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Everyone who listens to a screencast says "That's cool." That's not the regular reaction to six-figure eLearning programs. Here's Jon's regular hangout. Check his blogroll while you're there. Just reading the names of the blogs Jon tracks points to the future, e.g.

A View from Elsewhere
All Things Distributed
Architecture Musings in IT
Better Living Through Software
Blogging Alone
Blue Circle
Social Software
Crazy Apple Rumors
Developer Testing
Digital Identity
Exploration Through Example
false precision
Fen's Stream of Consciousnessfiltered
The Idea Ether
Infectious Greed
Inspirational Technology
Loosely Coupled
Making it stick
Metaphorical web
The Mountain of Worthless Information
Occasionally connected
The Old New THing
Push Button Paradise
Pushing rectangles
Pushing String
Pushing the Envelope
Read/Write Web
Relas, Everyting is Deeply Interwingled
Research Buzz
User Creations
Vastly Important Notes
XML -- Deviant
Leaving Buildings Standing

Since it may be a dying art form on the SATs, here's my take on Jon:

Udell:Geeks :: Brad Pitt:Girls

I learned a new word today: Pajamahideen.

Informal Learning


Blogger Harold Jarche said...

"Tags? Organic metatags? Del.ioci.us? Folksonomies? Self-organizing ontologies? Huh?"

I still don't quite understand the secret. I use Furl - is Delicious different/better? With Drupal as my blog CMS, it includes a taxonomy creator, do I need to add Technorati tags too? Basically I haven't seen the value for the additonal work. Am I missing something?

5:54 AM  
Blogger jay said...

Harold. Yes, Del.ioci.us is different. I use Spurl to bookmark pages when I want to return to a URL and see the latest page. I use Furl when I want to be able to recall the original page. I read RSS feeds in Bloglines and through my browser.

Del.ioci.us adds the social aspect, enabling you to check what other people are looking at. It's sort of like collaborative filtering where you get to set your own filters.

I'll admit that I'm still learning what to do where and what's worth the bother, but my gut tells me I want dynamic connections, not just my own placeholders. Otherwise, my bookmarks file would eventually end up looking like last year's newspaper. Worse, I wouldn't have a way to get in touch with kindred spirits.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Harold Jarche said...

OK - I'll try it :-)

7:32 PM  

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