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Thursday, July 07, 2005
My friend Eileen Clegg just emailed me that, "We have a Visual Insight workshop teaching our graphic communication methodologies here in Bodega Bay August 19-20. People who have taken the workshop said it was a life-changing experience. We use the visuals as a tool for future-planning exercises (that takes the emphasis off the “art” and enables a fast learning curve). The venue is beautiful www.bodegabaylodge.com. We are limited to six people and have three right now."

I was fortunate to discover the power of visuals for communication and learning several years ago. For a while, I promoted what I called envisioning. 1. Seeing from a fresh perspective. 2. Looking at relationships and non-linear sequences. 3. Imagining and prototyping new ideas. 4. Focusing and documenting the flow of group discussion. 5. Shortening the time it takes learners to say, "Now I see." 6. What visionaries do.

See the Center for Visual Learning for more information.


If you want to radically improve how you communicate with others, you might want to take Eileen's upcoming workshop. Information follows.

Seminar: AUGUST 19 & 20, 2005

An invitation to managers, educators, and team leaders to learn the basics of visual communication for leading, teaching and motivating others – on the idyllic Northern California Coast.

No artistic skill is needed for you to learn simple, timeless images to focus attention, harness energy, and inspire action. We will explore the impact of images on the future organization as the workforce becomes increasingly global, visual, and icon-driven.

Visual tools are the next-generation edge in strategic thinking and learning. Invoking images in the minds of others is the most powerful way to communicate; yet the potential is untapped in most organizations. The Visual Insight process enables you to capture and translate visual thinking in drawings that serve to inspire group participation, clarify concepts, draw out new ideas, and motivate follow-up action.

Transform communication and thinking within your core teams. You’ll learn simple yet universal and timeless images that you can combine with your own personal “doodles” and large-scale drawings to convert brainstorming sessions, training modules, strategic offsites, or phone conference reports into profound pictures of change that will reverberate throughout the organization. The seminar will also show how a vision can be clarified and transmitted via 21st-century versions of the “napkin sketch.”

Faculty: Eileen Clegg — visual journalist for multi-national corporations and educational foundations, book author, researcher with Institute for the Future, founder Visual Insight.
Christine Walker — visual artist, author, educator, specialist in creative process.
Kevin Wheeler — international speaker, consultant, author, President of Global Learning Resources, expert in corporate learning, Professor at San Francisco State University.

Cost is $1400 per person. Inquire about discounts for groups, and for nonprofit and government organizations. Email: efoss@glresources.com. Tell him I sent you.


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