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A Simpler Whole New Mind
Monday, July 18, 2005
I just finished reading Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind. It's entertaining and a fast read.

Whole New Mind reminded me of A SImpler Way by Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers.

Both books are structured around a few basic categories. Compare Pink's & Wheatley's:
  • Design - Organizing
  • Story - motions of coherence
  • Symphony - emergence
  • Empathy - selves organizing
  • Play - Play
  • Meaning - self
The authors don't mind breaking with convention. Pink's chapters on the six categories are each followed with a "portfolio," where to go or what to do for more. Dan seems ahead of the curve on the DIY meme. Margaret and Myron's book begins and ends with portfolios of photographs.

Pink makes the case that the Conceptual Age comes after the Information Age. It's characterized by traits associated with the right hemisphere of the brain. Wheatley positions humans among other complex systems, concluding with a mystical, let-it-be inquiry into what makes life happen.


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