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Curt Bonk and Sherry Hsi
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
DSC00484DSC00477Yesterday two friends joined me for lunch at Ajanta, an Indian restaurant in Berkeley. In fact, Ajanta is my favorite Indian restaurant in town, and Berkeley has more than two dozen Indian and Pakistani restaurants.

Indiana University's Curt Bonk and I had not seen one another since meeting up in the UAE more than a year ago. He was in town showing his son Alex the campuses at Cal and SF State.

Sherri Hsi is founder and president of Metacourse. Sherri lives here in Berkeley. I'm looking forward to interviewing her about informal learning. She's been doing fascinating work with mobile devices to support nomadic inquiry at the Exploratorium.

You can't be any busier than when you're your own boss. Trust me on this. You may evade the boss's surveillance, but you can't escape your own. Not only that, I'd never ask someone to perform to the standards I set for myself.

I continue to read voraciously. Most recently The Cluetrain Manifesto (again), Out of Control (again), The Business Case for eLearning, The Experience Designer, and The Timeless Way of Building. Mind you, these are not recommendations, just what I'm reading. I'm enjoying Howard Gardner's new Changing Minds and Syvia Crowe's old Garden Design. (One of my hypotheses is that landscape design is a better approach to improving informal learning than traditional Instructional Systems Design.) I thought I could keep my ahead above the rising tide, but then today the big brown UPS truck brought me Elliott Masie's new Learning Rants, Raves, and Reflections.

Coincidentally, today's on-line salon focused on how a self-service learner should cope with infoglut.


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