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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
I just flipped through twenty books on insturctional design and corporate performance. Most of them are deadly dull: nothing but pages of text. I'm wondering if I can populate my book with my own photographs and diagrams. For example,

Erase the lines in the road, and drivers
act more responsibly. Here, the lines on
Solano Avenue in Berkeley were erased
for resurfacing. Drivers pay more attention
when not confronted with painted

When I lived in Hope, Arkansas, I was almost run over by a diesel locomotive. Our house was a block from the tracks, and I had so habituated to trains that I no longer heard them.

Learning starts with a surprise to shake us
out of complacent habituation. Startled to
see this buck outside my dining room
window, I began to appreciate the beauty
of my backyard all the more.


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