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Natural Learning
Sunday, August 07, 2005
the natural way of learning.

water trickles into the rivulet
rivulets flow down to the stream
the stream rushes down the mountainside
streams form rivers
rivers flow to seas
seas disappear into thin air
rain drops from the sky
nature always flows

the natural learner
hops off the treadmill
blocks artifice
accepts what is
breathes in, out
and joins the eternal flow

your cycles match nature's
you feel right with the world
you no longer fight the current
you join it

as far as the stream is concerned
you're no longer moving
but those along the shore
see that you're getting ahead
you float, you learn
it's natural

this learning comes from deep inside
it makes you feel right with the world
you're thinking without thinking
your mind has a mind of its own
it knows what to do
you let it do its thing

it's making connections
traveling new paths
matching patterns
putting things together

you can't force it
you must simply be open to it
there's no secret formula
it comes when you merge with
everything around you

enlightenment comes
when you're ready

you'll know it from your smile
as you return to shore

breathe in, out

nature will always be there
inviting you to take your natural place
synchronizing to the earth's beat
mind-dancing in the flow of life

i don't know who I am
but life is for learning

then again, perhaps not
maybe this is all a bunch of crap
what do you think?

I asked my son if he ever stopped to smell the roses.
"I don't have the time," he replied.


Blogger Marica Sevelj said...

Hello Jay
I think your poem is incredible - it is definitely not crap and it spoke to me. Your insight into learning as something natural resonates my own feelings. I feel today we are so bogged down my "quality" and "standards" and "achieving qualifications" that the true essence of learning is lost. the wonderment, the questioning, the excitment, the flow and changing nature of it all. I believe learning has been turned into yet another industry and that people view it as a product - something they pay for and they receive something in return for that payment.
You are talking about going back to our roots. From the beginning of time learning was experiential and even more than that people had time to think, to reflect on things and decide where to next. Today it is all go, go, go and look where we are at. Are we any better off? We all about learning - the how, why, where etc. Do we know how to live? how many of us are in tune with nature and what is going on around us? How many of us have the time to even notice?
As an educator I want more, for both me and my learners. I want to see the passion for learning return. Not because we will get a better job, earn more money, be able to buy more things but because it helps us to live our lives more fully and in a more peaceful and satisfied way.
Thank you for taking the time to do what you are doing. I find it incredibly inspiring.
Best wishes,

6:07 PM  

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