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Neural Noodling
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
DSC00388Here I am in Japantown, surrounded by Japanese restaurants, shops, and culture. Uta and I lived three blocks from here in the late 70s. It hasn't changed much, thank goodness. I enjoy the food, the scents, and especially the Kinokuniya Bookstore.

I'd come to meet Zack Lynch. I've been reading his blog on Corante, Brain Waves; do check it out. Zack is an evolutionary biologist, whose studies of leaf-cutter ants in Costa Rica, economic geography at UCLA, and sustainability at The Land Institute have fueled his vision of a new era, a sort of Age of Brains or Era of Emotion (my terms not his).

Over sushi and sashimi, we talked of tools for the brain and informal learning. I learned the difference between emotions and feelings. Emotions are what wells up from the amygdala, deep in a part of the brain you can't access directly. Feelings are the conscious, cognitive assessment of those emotions. Another item, and I hope I am remembering the details correctly, concerns people who were exposed to photographs of political candidates flashed by so quickly that they didn't consciously see them. Yet these people could pick the winners with 70% accuracy. This is a bit like Blink, where people can't figure out what's going on. If you're interested in these topics, visit the site of Zack's company NeuroInsights.

Self portrait of Zack and Jay.


Blogger Harold Jarche said...

The Eide Neurolearning Blog is also a great resource.

7:13 AM  

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