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One ringy dingy
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Ring, ring.

Janiece: "Is Jay Cross there?"

"Does he know you?"

Janiece: "This is a courtesy call from SBC, your phone company."

"Okay, this is Jay."

Janiece: "We just wanted to know when you were going to pay your bill so that we don't have to send you a disconnect notice."

"How overdue are we?"

Janiece: "Thirty days."

"I've been a customer for 31 years, and you are threatening to cut off my service because I'm a month overdue?"

Janiece: "This is just a courtesy call, sir."

"I'll tell my wife. She pays our bills."

Janiece: "And when can we expect your payment?"

"Hrrumpf. You'll have to ask her, Janiece."

Janiece: "This is just a courtesy call, sir. Thanks for using your service in California."

[Thought: gotta use Skype and GoogleTalk more often.]


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