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Accelerating Change
Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Accelerating Change 2005: Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification
September 16-18th, Stanford University (http://accelerating.org/ac2005)
Forty-five leading change agents. 350 future-aware attendees. People and ideas that accelerate our world.

Which people, ideas and innovations will fuel the next long boom? Come find out. Talks by Vernor Vinge (Author), Ray Kurzweil (Inventor), Moira Gunn (Tech Nation), Blake Ross (Firefox), Tom Malone (Future of Work), Ester Dyson (PC Forum), Terry Winograd (Stanford HCI), Bob Hecht-Nielsen (Fair-Isaac), Philip Rosedale (Second Life), David Fogel (Natural Selection), Scott Rafer (Feedster), Peter Thiel (Clarium), Harold Morowitz (Author), and many others. Tech Night demos, Collective Intelligence dinner, Futuristically Incorrect, and networking galore.

Accelerating Change is your community for the most broad minded, foresighted, practical and passionate speakers and participants. Come to understand and make your own extraordinary future. Can you join us this year? Enter "AC2005-FRIENDS" to receive a $50 discount.

I learned more at Accelerating Change 2004 than any other event I attended all year. I'll be back.


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