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The Future of Talent
Saturday, September 03, 2005
Take time to reflect.

The executive who is always on the go never has time to reflect. Absent reflection, experience teaches few lessons. Crisis management crowds out leadership. Quick fixes take the place of lasting solutions. The future comes as a jarring surprise.

Join two dozen of your peers for a management retreat on the scenic Nothern California coast October 9-11, 2005.

The Future of Talent

Leave day-to-day worries behind to engage in intimate conversation about the world five to ten years out. Share your beliefs, hopes, and concerns about acquiring and keeping the right people with the right talents in the right functions to attain a position of excellence.

The Future of Knowledge

Retreaters will receive a copy of Verna Allee's new book, which begins, "There is really only one management question. What do we need to do to be successful?" Verna will help us weave together diverse threads such as business webs, communities of practice, knowledge technologies, intangibles, network analysis, and biology to show why organizations must be supported as living systems.

Informal Learning

For the first time in public, Jay Cross will unveil his findings on how workers really learn and how to maximize effectiveness. Classroom learning accounts for less than 20% of all corporate learning but consumes 80% of the training budget. It doesn't have to be this way. We'll examine

The 21st Century Learning Organization

Kevin Wheeler and Eileen Clegg will help us get our arms around the issues such as the acceleration of change, shifting demographics, talent shortages, self-organization, divided loyalties, dynamic friction, business process management, smart drugs, and generative design.

Tomales Bay

To maximize sharing and innovation, attendance is limited to two dozen professionals.

Vendors are not permitted. PowerPoints are not allowed. Everyone is expected to contribute. Our format is informal, with lots of time for discussion and questions, as well as walks and talks along the California coast.

Our venue is the Marconi Conference Center on Tomales Bay. The Bay is a 12-mile long coastal estuary whose pure water makes the local Hog Island oysters taste stunning. Up the coast, the former cheesemaster of Maytag blue creates Original Blue, a fantastic cheese made from the milk of a closed herd of 250 hormone-free Holsteins. Across the Bay is Point Reyes National Seashore.

Three places left

Primarily, this is invitation-only, but if you're interested, drop me an email or give me a call. 1.510.528.3105.

General registration: $2,000 includes books, meals, lodging
Sponsor membership: $3,700 adds ongoing seminars, books, and other services

More information.


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