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Jazzed about Learning
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
CSTD (the Canadian Society for Training and Development) and LearnNB asked me to post this notice of an upcoming event. They're nice people, so why not? (Hi, Gary! Hi, Darcie!)

If you plan to be in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, on September 15, be sure to drop by Jazzed about Learning, a one-day event featuring, among other things, a live webcast from Elliott Masie on Extreme Learning. Afterward, attend the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in downtown Fredericton. Oh, and as proof that distance doesn't matter, the entire eLearning event will be webcast, and it's free. Follow the link but be sure to note that New Brunswick runs on Atlantic time, an hour ahead of EST.

Before you click to the next blog, remember that you only learn when you venture outside of your comfort zone and that's probably where Fredericton resides on your mental map.

Lobsters are big here.

Picture a moose.

Market day

Local history

Down by the riverside


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