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Dear asdf:
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
As long-time readers here know, I make 95% of my work available on-line at no cost. Karma makes a better world.

Several thousand people have downloaded the eLearning Action Plan Template from Lance Dublin's and my book, Implementating eLearning.

The original version is a pdf file; soon we're going to make it available as a Word document. Also, my eyes have been opened to the power of informal learning, and this requires a new and different framework for planning.

I'll notify everyone who requested the original eLearning Action Plan when the new material becomes available.

...everyone except the people who tell me their name is asdf, their expectation is asdf, they work for asdf, and so forth. This is akin for paying for something with counterfeit money. The cheats will get what they deserve. Nothing. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

[Note: a-s-d-f are the first four letters on the second letter-row of the keyboard. It's a quick way of putting gibberish in the fields where data is called for. Mr. asdf made two more requests the day I posted this.]


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