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Do you believe in magic?
Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yesterday Blogger began acting funny; it seemed that the Dashboard had lost its stylesheet. Later, photos began disappearing from my blog. Then the clock to the left there disappeared.

This afternoon gmail stopped working. All I could get was an error message that "mail/?view=page&name=js&ver=foo cannot be found." Oh joy.

This brought back memories of the days when I counted my blessings if Windows worked for two hours without a crash.

The net had all kinds of advice, most of it pointless voo-doo, but several people said "Clear your cache." As soon as I did, Blogger, the Java clock, and gmail all sprung back to life.

Thank you, Lord.


Blogger Corrie said...

:-) Hey, go easy on the voodoo comment. There are times when I KNOW my Linux sysad broke out the bead rattles and black roosters.

"Clear your cache" is fast becoming the top superstitious* response to problems with web-based applications, replacing "just reboot."

*superstitious = behavior performed in the belief that it will effect a change, without understanding of why or how.

At least you didn't have to sacrifice a penguin while facing Redmond.

1:52 PM  
Blogger jay said...

Corrie, yeah, but... it worked. Not the first counterintuitive solution that's worked for me.

Wasn't it David Hume who wrote that constant conjunction and temporal succession are sufficient to imply causality? Doesn't matter.

If swinging a dead cat by its tail in the cemetary at midnight when there's full moon would cure my computer woes for life, the neighborhood cats had better watch out for me.

9:25 PM  

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