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Donald, the woods, $*%&! Cingular
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Donald, where were you when I needed you? My MBA took two years and bushels of hard work. Damn. Attending Trump University, I could have earned 400 MBAs over the course of two years.

In yesterday's email:

"A great education is an essential advantage in business."-- Donald J. Trump

Dear Jay,

Do you want to get an edge in business? Are you interested in making money and saving time?

Then Trump University's brand new live course, "MBA in a Day," is for you.

Update: 10/23/05
Today's New York Times reports that the Donald has been near bankruptcy on a couple of occasions, saved only by borrowing from close relatives (and pledging his share of his inheritance as collateral.)


Sunday I drove the Skyline Drive above the Shenandoah Valley. Wonderful views of the Blue Ridge. (It's really blue.) A great environment enriches my thinking.

Stupid cellphone.

Today I received the third voice-mail spam from Cingular Wireless about how they are going to "improve my service" by making me listen to instructions for changing my inbox settings, re-record my greetings, and lose my previous messages. Actually, the voice online said I could listen to my previous messages by pressing "7," but since Cingular apparently decided to "improve" lots of accounts at once, pressing "7" goes to the message "All circuits are busy now. Please try your call later."


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