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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The agreement between Google and Sun this morning is very important. Mobile, ubiquitous computing sounds the death-knell of desktop bloatware. Desktop? We don't need no stinking desktops.

Putting Google's software team to work on Java can work wonders. This is all about Web 2.0, the web as platform, the writable web. I've been using OpenOffice, blogs, wikis, and text editors since reformatting my hard drive a couple of months ago. Except for Word (I'm writing a book, after all), I've found that I can live without Microsoft Office.

Google is great at slip-streaming new features into their environment. This works so much better than Redmond's versioning strategy, which is disruptive, requires significant learning, and often adds features that are just different, not better. And I have to pay for it!

Google has a cuddly image. Most of us trust the brand. Contrast this is Microsoft. Even governments are sufficiently suspicious of the Evil Empire that they legislate against M'soft products. Sure, it's a joke when a Microsoft exec shows the Death Star when describing the Microsoft Campus. Or when Microsofties show up at a conference dressed as storm troopers. But the jokes are grounded in reality. The concept of a Google stormtrooper is absurd.

Market Capitalization, $ millions

Sun Microsystems $14,322
Google $86,844

Microsoft, $267,603

This shark smells blood in the water.

I'll get back to how this will reshape adult learning....


Anonymous mark oehlert said...

Jay, Take a look at the news this morning that Google has merged its map service and its local search service. Add that to the Google WiFi + Google/Sun mix and we appear to racing right towards http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/epic

8:07 AM  

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