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Informal eLearning Forum, October 21
Thursday, October 06, 2005
Leveraging Informal Learning for Better Business Results

Mark your calendar for our
October 21 event on Informal Learning

A U.S. Department of Labor Department Study estimated that fully 70% of all adult learning is informal. Others commonly estimate the split is 80% informal to 20% formal for workplace learning, and estimates go as high as 95% informal for knowledge workers in highly creative roles. Since the vast majority of workplace learning occurs informally, can we really afford to leave it to chance? This meeting brings together Bob Mosher (Director of Learning and Strategic Evangelism for Microsoft) and Jay Cross (CEO Internet Time Group) to engage participants in a highly interactive discussion of strategies for leveraging infomal learning for better business results.

October 21 8:30 through lunch
Microsoft Mountain View Campus
more information

The session will be webcast live via MacroMedia Breeze 5


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