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Information Week: Meet Your New Teacher
Monday, October 03, 2005

Meet Your New Teacher

New technologies revive interest in E-learning as businesses find that online lessons let them train more people and cut costs

By J. Nicholas Hoover


Many companies that have embarked on E-learning efforts simply want to cut their training costs and do a better job of tracking who gets what training. E-learning also has been viewed as a way to cut the time it takes to train employees. "Most thought they could shortcut what had traditionally been learning," says consultant Jay Cross, who coined the phrase E-learning in 1998.

. . .

Companies now have a wide range of E-learning options and technologies from which to chose, and they need to find the right combination to suit their needs. "There aren't any magic bullets," says E-learning consultant Cross.

One major challenge is how to handle informal learning, the typically unstructured learning that goes on each day in hallway or water-cooler conversations, company E-mails, or when employees have to learn a new task on the fly. It goes beyond what's taught in classrooms and represents as much as 80% of all learning, according to experts.


Blogger Corrie said...

Hey, Jay, how do you get quoted in a major magazine? :->

I'm curious - why is there a need to manage informal learning? Wouldn't it be better to create a culture where informal learning is encouraged, where the content is generally correct (as oppposed to superstitious), and where learners know where to go get more complete information when quick-ask-Sarah isn't enough?

1:47 PM  
Blogger jay said...

I get quoted in major magazines because I'm real smart and I write good.

Corrie, what you're calling for is exactly what's needed. I didn't say you need to manage informal learning. No, you need to nurture it. You get out of its way. You tweak what I've started called a "learnscape." You weed it when you need to. You don't kid yourself that you're managing something when what you're really doing is encouraging, watering, fertilizing, and

9:10 PM  

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