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Learning 2005 #4
Monday, October 31, 2005
My session this afternoon on informal learning was packed with enthusiastic people. It was fun. For once, I followed my own advice, thinking about what the audience wanted rather than what I wanted to present. This was my first presentation in longer than I can remember that used no PowerPoint. It improved the flow. Things felt more spontaneous -- because they were.


Blogger Will Thalheimer said...

Hey Jay, great session today. Check out what I wrote about it at:


11:35 PM  
Anonymous Donald Clark said...

Hi Jay
Good session - in case we forget - send me the papaer and check out the Baldwin effect. It's a theory developed in the early days about how learning played a key role in evolution. The idea is that a disposition to learn will enhance your ability to survive and reproduce therefore accelerating brain development through natural selection. It fits with your views on adaption.

8:10 AM  

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