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Gulf News
Monday, November 14, 2005
A change in location can change one's thinking. Life in the Abu Dhabi Hilton is modern, almost Western, in look and amenities, but with enough variations to catch my attention.

The Emirates Palace Hotel down the street is hosting a "Leadership Summit" today with John Edwards, Benazir Bhutto, Richard Branson, Sheikh Nahayan Al Nahayan, and Bill Clinton.

For a mere $3,000, you can attend a two-day event in Dubai later this month with Bill (via satellite this time), Gorby, Madeleine Albright, Arie De Geus, Kenichi Ohmae, and Daniel Pink.

Gulf Business quotes the CEO of new airline Jazeera as saying, "We do not consider ourselves in the airline business; we are in the business of empowering travelers."

Business is good. The Abu Dhabi stock market has risen 75% this year; the Dubai market is up 150%.

Michael Jackson popped up in Dubai yesterday. An online poll by Gulf News found that 47% of the populace did not want him to move here. (34% were in favor.) The News reports rumors that "Wacko Jacko" was spotted at a shopping mall, wearing traditional Emirati woman's clothing as a disguise.

The private sector in the UAE will cooperate closely in facilitating the integratioon of UAE nationals into the job market. A government committee is drawing up a list of corporations that will volunteer their support. The private sector has said that Emirati youngsters lacked experience, were disorganised, asked for high salaries and were not adequately trained.

It's 90 out. Time to get back to writing.


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