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Notes from the scribbler
Friday, November 25, 2005
A printed manuscript of my book on Informal Learning just arrived. Four hundred pages of characters and runes. It's intimidating. Maybe that's why none of the people I sent it to for comment are responding. A Dutch writer who saw the manuscript wrote back less than a day later. "That's a BIG book you have put out there. This informal learning thing is interesting. And just like last year, I find your writing inspiring, not very practical, but inspiring and that is often more important, at least, it is more important to me than practicalities of daily problems."

I'm trying to finish up a section on ecological systems approaches, comparing living organizations to other biosystems. Did you know that were it not for the lowly dung beetle, Africans would be waste-deep in dung in a month? Or that if the bees and butterflies diappeared, so would your food. Take away the worms, the soil will turn acidic, and plants would not grow. Watch out for corporate DDT!

The FlickR Blockade here is now in its fifth day, so this is the only place you're going to see these photos!

To cut down on accidents, the Interior Minister of Kuwait has announced that ex-patriates in Kuwait will not be allowed to drive unless they have a college degree and an income of more than $1,200 a month.

Paul took this picture of his wife Cathy and our group at Finz Restaurant last night. Next door, an ersatz Cuban band was blasting Buena Vista music to the delight of a thousand writhing Latinos and friends.

The open kitchen at Finz. I took this from my seat.

Toni Luskin's nails. A computer graphic of her Gucci scarf was sprayed on her digits.

Not cheesecake. Or beefcake. I wanted to show you a feature all bathrooms should mimic. The mirrored wall is all steamed up, save this portion over the sink. I assume a rear-projection heater lies behind the mirror.

If it published in the Middle East, the Friday New York Times would be the fat one. It's our one-day weekend.


Blogger Downes said...

Great picture. Makes me feel like I'm there in your bathroom.

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you celebrated Thanksgiving! Being thankful should be a universal celebration.
BTW, thought you did not want us to review your Book till further notice. what is the story? best, Dick

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Dick Sethi said...

sorry did not mean to be anonymous..........Dick

7:36 PM  

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