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New White Paper Format
Saturday, February 12, 2005
Here's my latest attempt at an improved format for white papers. It's in Flashpaper. Size is okay but functionality is missing. My system doesn't want to install Flashpaper with the features it's supposed to come with.

Flashpaper also generates pdf files on demand. Just for kicks, I saved the save PowerPoint as an Acrobat file via Flashpaper. It was only about a quarter larger than the Flash file, 485 KB for the pdf & 345 for the swf.

The Adobe version, that carried over some, not all, of the links and transitions, weighs in at 535 KB. It's missing the last few tweaks I've made to my sample.

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Is it just me, or do the rest of you get the feeling you're being set up for something by Adobe's attorneys when you use their stuff? To use the Acrobat Reader, you must agree to a license agreement that way too long for anyone to actually read. One of the reasons it opens so slowly may be the long list of patent numbers they feel compelled to show me every time I open the app. Weird.


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